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3 yahoo$ boys buried girl alive for money retuals(READ MORE)

Wonders will never end.please parent we should talk to our children especially the girls. Ladies before you date or follow a guy because of wealth, ask for the source of is income.

A girl broke up with is yahoo + guy,why? She had had a female condom on without him knowing and found maggots in it after sex.
Other girls weren't so lucky,they have been hospitalized for month now.the same maggot story but 
They didn't have condoms on.

One of the yahoo boys confess some of the retual they do for money e.g raping their mums,sleeping in coffins, killing their parents, having anal sex with guys,some eat fasces, kill people and so on just for money.
Please Warn your daughter, friend, sister that all that glitter is not gold.

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